You will find that there is no specific definition for 5 panel drug tests. When you are keeping together a group of panel substances, you have to ensure that the process of screening the employees match up with the screening policy of the employee. In a 5 panel test, you can easily include 5 substances such as cocaine, opiates and three others or methamphetamine, ecstasy and three others. The combination being used will completely depend on you. It is important to ensure that 5 substances are tested together. In this way, the name of the test gets justified.

The number of panels undergoing the test varies and usually depends on the company, the profession of the employee or even the culture prevalent in that corporate sector. The laws set by the state also sometime determine the number of substances for which the test would be conducted.
You will see that there is no strict order or routine to be followed to include certain drugs in a particular panel for testing. There are however some recommendations which are required to be followed for best results. Hence few particular drugs need to be included in 5 panel drug test.
5 panel drug tests
The drugs that need to be screened can be determined the corporate culture in play at that particular office. The major difference between the 4 panel drug test and the 5 panel one arises with the inclusion or elimination of the drug marijuana as one of the substances being tested for.
The legalization of marijuana in different states is different. Marijuana is a big hit in different cultures, and hence it is up to the company to include it in the test. If not marijuana then opiates are tested instead of it in the drug test 5 panel.

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