Often, truth shows that things are not so easy – speed of asking and selling prices are generally mutually exclusive. An overpriced property is not going to receive just as much attention from brokers and buyers due to the fact that they understand the listing broker or the seller is “requesting too much”. A quick research on the web and paper classifieds will readily show the “market price” of a property. Even if there might be buyers that are emotionally attached to the property (motives for example – used to reside there during youth, parents remaining nearby), they’re clearly not likely to discover the “attachment” if they do not even trouble to go see the property.

Either the seller needs to get realistic and decrease the cost to market amount or threat holding onto the investment going over summit of the property cycle and eventually being forced to sell my house fast denver in a discount off what he initially may have received when costs were on the uptrend (when there could have been tons of interest for the property).
Many property brokers dislike being forced to correct the cost expectations of the home sellers because by agreeing to the seller’s cost (even supposing it’s clearly likely to be a record high cost), brokers will undoubtedly find a way to get the exclusive listing in the seller more readily.
Nonetheless, what home sellers do not understand is this – if the property isn’t sold within the first 30 days, the amount of interested buyers will reduce significantly (less buyers usually mean less interests, less competition and less chance of a high cost). Buyers’ brokers will not be considering bringing buyers to this property anymore. They just will not squander time revealing or advocating the property to buyers, when they understand the asking price will never be matched by the buyers for this property.

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