Who is a professional photographer?
It is said that a mat tam photography picture is equal to a thousand written words. Therefore, it is not surprising that photographers enjoy a lot of mileage in a publishing industry. What probably one picture can do a whole article of 1000 words cannot do. Therefore, a professional photographer enjoys prominence on occasions, which are celebratory like birthdays or anniversaries.
A professional photographer shoots portraits and other notable pictures, which are stored as memories of good times. Photography is a science in itself, and professional photographers have the knowledge of the same. Professional photographers are people who replace many words with just one photograph.
What is on-location photography?
A professional photographer devotes all his time to the art of clicking photographs. He does this either with a digital or a film camera. Photographers have to check the condition of the ambient light before they take a photograph. If the naturally available light is enough to click the picture, then they prefer using that. However, if you have to click photos at night, artificial lighting is resorted to.
Mat tam is a special kind of photographer that focuses on the location. Therefore, it is labeled as on-location photography. An on-location photographer is also called a traveling photographer. He travels to the location where the photos have to be clicked.
Specialty of Mat Tam photography
On-location photography has the following features:
• It requires you to think on your feet
• It requires a lot of planning
• It requires knowledge about aspects of safety, health, etc.
• Lighting
• Weather
• Requires permission in certain places
The list above is not exhaustive, but indicative. Mat Tam photography is also called as on-location photography because it is shot at actual locations. Actual locations are selected because the team wishes to shoot in natural surroundings. The same photograph could also be taken in a studio environment with the backdrop of nature behind it. However, that would not give the same effect to the photograph.

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