If you lack knowledge about something, there is tendency that you will not derive adequate benefits from it and you will therefore deprive yourself of every opportunities and privileges that you suppose to enjoy. Knowledge is power and nothing is bad as ignorance. Ignorance puts someone in darkness and shields away one’s eyes from good treasures of life. If you are,do not know appropriate way to choose the best ปลวก (termites) control company; you might not have the infestation overcome in your home.

The first criteria in choosing a termite control company is that such company must be licensed by the Department of Agriculture especially the agency which is responsible for the regulation of Termite control (กำจัดปลวก) in that particular state. The National Pest Management Association had suggested that such company must be an established firm, which has access to both technical as well as training information that is required to carry out the job adequately and effectively. Like any service company, it is known that references are seemed to be invaluable. You can consider putting calls to two- three companies. Requesting for their inspection as well as estimates especially from more than one company will assist you greatly to verify the existence of Termites (ปลวก)or lizards (จิ้งจก) problem and also give you opportunity to compare cost.
Most of these companies usually offer various types of treatment warranties and methods. Some are ready to retreat those areas that are affected in case the termites return back at no additional cost. Some of them will also repair any damage that may occur to their treatment in subsequent time, although the dating of onset damage may be difficult to determine. It is imperative to know that there will not be any warranty if Wells, sub-slab heating ducts, cistern, drainage system, or even inaccessible crawl spaces cause hindrance to Termite control (กำจัดปลวก) treatment according to the industry standard.